Tom is a character in How to be a Good AP History Student 3 played by Tom.


Tom in How to be a Good AP History Student 3

Havens. He is a part of Mike Dame's posse put together for taking down the AP History Guy. Originally believed to be another student, he is secretly an agent of Project History.

Fictional Character Biography Edit

Tom was hired as an agent for Project History sometime after 2004, believing it to be a legitimate government agency. In 2008, Agent H secretly placed Tom inside Ballston Spa High School, posing him as a student to covertly take out the AP History Guy if he survived their missile strike.

By How to be a Good AP History Student 3, Tom infiltrated the ranks of the Mike Dame Posse, gaining its leader's trust. Mike entrusted him with the important task of finding Ethan and bringing him to the Posse. Additionally, when the Posse panicked at the sight of the AP History Guy, it was Tom who encouraged them to stick up to him. Consequentially, Tom was the first of the Posse to be knocked out and kidnapped by Greg. Tom was transformed into a History Zombie along with the rest of the Posse and sent to retrieve Mike, Ethan, and the Second AP History Guy. At the end, he returns to normal and helps attack the Second AP History Guy with the rest of the Posse.

Afterwards, Tom secretly brought the Second AP History Guy into his private custody, believing him to be another escaped test subject. Upon learning he was normal, Tom kept him in captivity, torturing him until he became amnesic. Once the zombie apocalypse began in 2012 and Project History collapsed, Tom took the resurrected AP History Guy into custody with Tyler and tortured him into getting amnesia, but eventually abandoned his house, determined to discover the truth about the Educational Protocol - he had become suspicious after they seemingly disappeared during the zombie outbreak.

Tom with Machine Gun

Tom in AP: Ultimatum

After a year of investigating, Tom discovered a discarded Educational Protocol bill, learning that the organization was never created by the government and the EP he was working for was a private group with its own agenda. Furious, Tom became determined never to take orders again. Shortly after in AP: Apocalypse, he learned Mike Dame and his Posse were searching for the Project History warehouse. Blaming him for the zombie outbreak, he began trying to hunt him down, culminating in them and Agent H confronting in the warehouse. Killing Agent H, Tom prepares to kill the others when the screams of Subject 1 scare him away.

Tom was later discovered and forcibly recruited into the AP Regime by the Second AP History Guy, acting as his

begrudging lieutenant by AP: Ultimatum. Though he acted loyal, Tom secretly planned to kill the Second AP History Guy, not telling him about the AP History Guy and planning on creating a diluted HSX compound that would allow him to physically take on the dictator. Learning Mike had discovered the AP History Guy's location, he cornered him at his home, where he revealed the Second AP History Guy was keeping him alive to create more HSX pills to feed his dependency. But Tom secretly didn't know how to manufacture any more. Tom then to kill Mike, but he escaped with the AP HIstory Guy.

Realizing time was running out, Tom attempted to take the diluted HSX during the Battle of the Hall of Springs, only for the Second AP History Guy to ambush him and reveal he learned he couldn't create HSX - and that he planned on betrayed him. Having outlived his usefulness, the Second AP History Guy crushed his skull, killing him.

Afterwards, Eric revealed that keeping Tom in the dark was part of his master plan, and that he came closest to discovering the truth about him.

Personality Edit

Though he seemed average when in disguise, Tom was secretly cold and manipulative, constantly using people to his advantage with no remorse. Originally content with taking orders, he became enraged with authority and determined to only serve himself after discovering the Educational Protocol had manipulated him.

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