The Second AP History Guy from How to be a Good AP History Student 3

The Second AP History Guy is a character from the film AP3. The role is played by Tyler Swett.

Fictional Character BiographyEdit

Real name Tyler Swett, the Second AP History Guy was originally a student and successful athlete at Ballston Spa High School. He is briefly referenced in AP: Origins, where it's mentioned he broke the record on the school beep test.

Sometime after 2007, the Second AP History Guy's athletic career was ruined after he dropped a dumbell on his foot (an accident secretly set up by Eric). Crushed and objectiveless, the unnamed student saw the AP History Guy force-teaching Freshmen in the hall, and was inspired to copy him and become an AP History Guy himself.

Unfortunately, he came into existence during the events of the third movie, where all the AP students in the school have already been captured and brainwashed by the original AP History Guy, excluding Ethan. The Second AP History Guy ambushes Ethan and tries to force-teach him, only to have a run-in with the original AP History Guy. The two fight over what the best way to teach history, while Ethan quietly escapes.

Trying to one-up the AP History Guy, the Second AP History Guy holds the school principal hostage and tries to force-teach the entire school AP History over the school news. In retaliation, Ethan lures him out of the News Room and lock him outside. Furious, the Second AP History Guy chases after Ethan, only to run into the Mike Dame being chased by the zombified Mike Dame Posse. The zombies chase after all three of them, nearly capturing the Second AP History Guy, until they reach a dead end, where the Second AP History Guy locks himself in a nearby room, leaving Mike and Ethan outside with the zombies. The two trick the zombies into thinking that they are zombies as well, causing them to break into the room with the Second AP History Guy and capture him. He's last seen after the AP History Guy explodes, when the Posse returns to normal and begin beating him up.

After the Posse beat him up, Tom secretly kidnapped the Second AP History Guy and imprisoned him, believing him to be an escaped Project History experiment. When he learned the truth that he wasn't a test subject, Tom locked him in his basement and tortured him until he had amnesia, to cover up the kidnapping. He was imprisoned for two years in Tom's basement, along with the resurrected AP History Guy. After the zombie apocalypse, Tom left his house and Tyler escaped, wandering dazed and confused through Schaghticoke NY.

In AP: Apocalypse, the Mike Dame Posse found him hiding in a car in 2013 nuclear winter-ridden Schaghticoke. Taking advantage of his amnesia and vulnerability, the Posse allows the Second AP History Guy to join them on their quest, though he ditches them shortly after they find a house to stay in for the night. He reunites with them later that night at the warehouse, inexplicably bringing a bunch of in-pursuit zombies along with him.

After encountering Tom, the Second AP History Guy's memories return, and he tries to attack Tom, only for him to hold him up at gunpoint. He shortly after runs away when Subject 1 appears and begins attacking the Posse, accidentally stumbling upon Agent H's office and the last stockpile of HSX. Angry and feeling used, he ingests copious amounts and immediately gains the AP powers. Going on a megalomaniacal rant, her kills Subject 1 and declares his intention to use the zombies to take over the world. Beating up Mike and the News Director, he ties them up and leaves them to be eaten by his zombies and leaves to take over the world.


The Second AP History Guy in AP: Ultimatum

In AP: Ultimatum, the Second AP History Guy managed to take over the entire continent as of April 2014, creating the AP Regime led by his armies of zombies and with Tom as his subordinate. Holed up in the Hall of Springs in Saratoga Springs NY, the dictator also became addicted to taking the HSX drug as a result of his heavy initial intake, forcing Tom to make him more. Anxious to find Mike Dame and his Posse and eliminate anyone else that could possibly threaten him, including Ethan the potentially resurrected AP History Guy, he kidnapped Ethan and brainwashed him into working for him, ordering him to hunt down and kill Mike Dame and his Posse.

When the AP History Guy defeated Ethan and regained his memories, the Second AP History Guy declared war on him and the Mike Dame Posse, ordering him to be destroyed, leading to the Battle of the Hall of Springs. Realizing during the battle Tom wanted to betray him, the Second AP History Guy murdered him and then attacked the AP History Guy, the two duking it out. Despite the Second AP History Guy's superior power, he was defeated by the original, causing him to take all his HSX pills at once, granting him god-like electricity powers. Realizing the Second AP History Guy had become virtually omnipotent, the AP History Guy attacked his self esteem, convincing him his secondary AP status would always hinder him. Furious, the Second AP History Guy swallowed the final HSX pill, causing him to overdose and explode.

Later, Eric reveals that he actually tripped the Second AP History Guy in the hall as part of his master plan, causing him to take on his identity.

Personality Edit

The Second AP History Guy was insecure and competitive, always trying to prove he was the best because of his low self-esteem. This ranged from his self-declared mastery of the PE "Beep" test to his trying to one-up the AP History Guy by becoming the Second AP History Guy.

He became more ruthless and unstable as time went on, causing the death and torture of countless innocents and outright murdering people such as Subject 1 and Tom.

Triva Edit

The character was originally supposed to be played by Ryan Grandeau, but he was forced to drop out because of scheduling conflicts. The role was rewritten to fit Tyler Swett.

The Second AP History Guy's true name is revealed in AP: Origins, when Greg mentions "That kid Tyler Swett beat the record on the PE Beep Test." He's later referred to as "Tyler" in AP: Ultimatum a couple times.

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