The News Directer is a character in the AP History series. True to his name, he is the director of the school news show. He is played by Justin Craig. Together with the Sound Guy, they keep the school news running smoothly.

News Director

The News Director in AP: Apocalypse

Fictional Character Biography Edit

In How to be a Good AP History Student 2, the News Director can be seen at the begining of the film directing the school news show. He kicks Mike Dame off the show while he's being interviewed, viewing the whole thing as a joke. Later in the film, he is shown running away from the AP History Guy in the news room, terrified by the sight of him.

The News Director reappeared in How to be a Good AP History Student 3, as a part of the Mike Dame Posse. When the AP History Guy ambushed the Posse outside the school, the News Director attempted to punch him out, but missed and was knocked unconcious via a vicious head butt. He was later zombified along with the rest of the Posse, and was sent by the AP History to capture Mike, Ethan, and the Second AP History Guy, capturing the Second AP History Guy. He is freed of the zombie curse at the end when the AP History Guy explodes, and is seen beating up the Second AP History Guy along with rest of the Posse.

How to be a Good AP History Student 2 0002

The News Director in How to be a Good AP History Student 2

The News Director returns as one of the primary characters in AP: Apocalypse. The News Director is one of the last surviving members of the Mike Dame Posse, and lost an eye as a result of the zombie apocalypse. He journeys with Mike to Schaghticoke NY in search of the Project History base, though he is the most skeptical of the venture. He and Mike make it to Project History's warehouse, where the News Director witnesses Tom killing Agent H, as well as helping fight the released Subject #1. News Director and Mike were captured and left to be eaten by zombies by the AP-powered Second AP History Guy, but the two managed to escape.

In AP: Ultimatum, the News Director breaks into the Ballston Spa Power Plant in order to set the AP Regime's wi fi servers online, allowing Mike to discover Tom's address. He accompanies Mike to get the AP History Guy from Tom's house and through the process of attempting to bring back the AP History Guy's memories. After the Posse are stuck hiding for a month, News Director angrily quits the team, only for Ethan to appear and capture them all, knocking News Director unconscious. News Director joins back up once they are all saved by the AP History Guy, and drives them to the Hall of Springs during the car chase with Ethan. The News Director then takes part in the final battle with the zombie army at the Hall of Springs, where he is mortally wounded when a zombie stabs him. The News Director later dies of his injuries, at peace with his role in the Posse and that he made a difference in the world.

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