Hengsterman meeting his long time hero, Jerry Garcia

Rick Hengsterman is a United States History teacher at Ballston Spa High School, in upstate New York. Many associates of Chaos productions have had him as a teacher in the past. Eric Newton and Jacob McAuliffe were even in the same class.

It comes as no surprise that Mr. Hengsterman inspired much of the matierial for AP2, which was filmed while Jake and Eric were his students.

Hengsterman played the school AP History teacher in AP3. At one point in the movie, he walks down the hall and says to Ethan that all 43 of his AP History students got a 100% on the latest test, to his complete bafflement (it is implied that they are all History Zombies, but he does not know this). Also, in a scene after the credits, he barges into The Mysterious Man's room, trying to stop him from telling Mike Dame about AP Government.

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