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Mike Dame in AP: Ultimatum

Mike Dame is a character in the AP History series, serving as the protagonist of the films. He is played by Mike Dame in all six films.

Fictional Character BiographyEdit

Mike Dame is the main character of the AP History series, an aspiring high school rock star (emphasizing aspiring; he has found little success) and AP student.

Before 2008, Mike was just your average Ballston Spa High School student, albeit one with an obsessive stalker - Eric/Creepy Guy. In AP: Origins, Mike can be briefly seen being chased down the street by Eric.
Mike Dame 1

Mike in How to be a Good AP History Student

In How to be a Good AP History Student, Mike is a freshmen, walking to a rock concert he is about to put on in the school. However, he is ambushed and kidnapped by the AP History Guy. The AP History Guy was targeting Mike due to his going into AP World History, and began force-teaching Mike AP History. Luckily for Mike, Eric was searching the school for him and, upon finding the kidnapped Mike, got into a fight with the AP History Guy. Mike escaped in the comotion.

In How to be a Good AP History Student 2, Mike is a sophmore, and trying to convince the school that he really was kidnapped and force-taught AP History. No one believes his story, due to its ludacris nature. But, the AP History Guy suddenly reappears and re-kidnaps Mike. This time, the AP History Guy wants to teach Mike Dame AP US History, due to him now being a sophmore. After some grueling lessons in AP US History, Mike begins to question how good of a teacher the AP History Guy is. The AP History Guy responds by bringing out Eric, who he's been force-teaching AP World History for the past year, resulting in him becoming a History Zombie. Eric begins violently slapping Mike, knocking him to the floor. But, Mike is able to break the spell over Eric by singing a song, Eric's love of Mike overpowering the AP History knowledge and turning him back to normal. Mike then runs and is chased throughout the school by the AP History Guy, culminating in him being cornered in the school news room. Just as the AP History Guy is about to teach Mike more history, Eric bursts into the room with a grenade, pulls the pin, and hugs Greg, holding the explosive in his hand. The grenade explodes, killing everyone in the room (Eric, the two news anchors, and seemingly the AP History Guy) except for Mike. Mike leaves the news room and simply walks away.

Mike reapears in How to be a Good AP History Student 3. Taking place two years after the events of the previous film, the AP History Guy has returned and transformed almost every AP History student in the school into History Zombies. In retaliation, Mike forms a secret organization known as The Mike Dame Posse, consisting of students determined to take down the AP History Guy. They task the last remaining AP History student in the school, Ethan, with destroying the AP History Guy via a grenade. Ethan gives Mike the grenade back shortly after, having been scared by the combination of the AP History Guy and the sudden comming of a Second AP History Guy. Mike and his posse are ambushed shortly after by the AP History Guy; Mike escapes, while the rest of the posse is beaten up and knocked unconcious. Mike finds them later in a dark corner of the school, having all been transformed into History Zombies. The AP History Guy orders the zombies to capture Mike, causing the zombies to begin chasing Mike throughout the school. Mike is able to meet up with Ethan and escape the zombies by tricking them into thinking that he and Ethan are also zombies (the zombies go and capture the Second AP History Guy instead). After this, Mike and Ethan begin searching the school for the AP History Guy, only for Mike to be ambushed by him. The AP History Guy locks Mike in a locker, leaving him for later teaching while he chases after Ethan. While in the locker, Mike has a bizzare vision that he's died and gone to heaven, where he sees Eric. After a brief and ambiguously gay welcome, Eric tells Mike that the AP History Guy cannot be destroyed by physical means, and that the only way to defeat him is by destroying his heart. Mike then wakes up and breaks out of the locker, and realizes what he must do. He finds the AP History Guy and Ethan outside of the school, and informs the AP History Guy that he only got a 4 out of 5 on the AP US exam, an exam which he helped prepare Mike for. He then goes on to accuse the AP History Guy of only forcing mindless memorization of historical facts, and not teaching students anything, making him the worst AP History teacher ever. This breaks the AP History Guy's heart, causing him to explode in a mini-nuclear explosion. Mike survives the explosion and can be seen celebrating the AP History Guy's defeat with Ethan at the end of the film.
Mike Dame (AP3)

Mike Dame in How to be a Good AP History Student 3

But little did Mike know, the AP History Guy's explosion blocked out the sun over Upstate New York, causing nuclear winter, while radioactive pieces of the AP History Guy mutated a large portion of the region's population in zombies. The zombies spread and eventually caused society to collapse, causing Mike and his Posse to go on the run.

In AP: Apocalypse, Mike was still on the run two years later with the remnants of the Mike Dame Posse. While hiding in a church, Mike discovered leaked Project History files online and learned of the organization's existence, as well as the AP History Guy's origins. Coming up with a plan to find the remaining HSX drugs and give someone the AP powers in order to have them control and subdue the zombies, Mike and the Posse travel to Schaghticoke NY, Mike allowing the Second AP History Guy to join them on the way. Arriving at Project History's warehouse, Mike met Agent H and learned about the Educational Protocol. But after an ambush by secret agent Tom, the Second AP History Guy found the HSX and gave himself the AP powers, vowing to take over the world and leaving Mike for dead. Mike escaped and later discovered more leaked files revealing that Project History had resurrected the AP History Guy.

In AP: Ultimatum, Mike and the News Director discovered the AP History Guy's location in Tom's house and saved him, only to discover the resurrection process erased all of the AP History Guy's memories. His attempts to bring back his memories failing, Mike and the Posse languished in hiding for a month, until the frustrated Posse eventually began breaking up - only to be ambushed and captured by a brainwashed Ethan. But before Ethan can execute them, the AP History Guy regained his memories and saved them. The newly invigorated Posse formed a plan to defeat Tyler, first sending Mike back in time with a time travel device to save Eric from dying so he can join the fight, culminating in a fight outside the Hall of Springs. At the fight, Mike confronted Ethan and managed to undo his brainwashing, and led the rest of the Posse to victory.

After the AP History Guy was beaten by Eric for trying to take over the world himself, Mike convinced him to give up being the AP History Guy. Later, Mike attempted to resolve of the mystery of the Educational Protocol once and for all by hacking into the President AI for answers, only to discover that Eric created the organization, it's entire purpose being to make Mike love Eric by creating threats that Eric could save Mike from. Despite this, Mike insisted he would never love Eric, and managed to get Eric to explode by "breaking his heart" similar to how the AP History Guy originally died. Held down by Greg in order to save Mike, Eric exploded, seemingly killing both the Greg and Eric. Mike surveyed the ruins and found Greg's destroyed white tee, saying "So long AP History Guy" before walking away.

Twenty years later, Mike had a son named Mike Dame Jr, who also attended Ballston Spa High School. Mike Dame Jr's son ended up getting Greg as an AP History teacher, secretly alive after the battle with Eric.


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