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GodGreg Klusacek (actor)History Zombie
How to View AP3How to be a Good AP History Student (film)How to be a Good AP History Student 2 (film)
How to be a Good AP History Student 3 (film)Jacob McAuliffe (filmmaker)Jacob McAuliffe Trademarks
Jake McAuliffe's Bastard ChildrenJake McAuliffe's HatJustin Craig (filmmaker/actor)
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Other GuyPatrick McAuliffePotential Spin-Offs
Principal BridgesRyan GrandeauSound Guy (character)
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The Educational ProtocolThe How to be a Good AP History Student WikiThe Jake and Eric Series
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The Mr. Preece Stock FootageThe News RoomThe President
The Second AP History GuyThe White Shirt Continuity Problem and Cover-upTimeline of AP Films
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Woods Hollow
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