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How to be a Good AP History Student is the first installment in the AP History series, followed by How to be a Good AP History Student 2 and How to be a Good AP History Student 3, with a prequel, entitled AP: Origins, released in 2012. The film stars Mike Dame, Greg Klusacek, and Eric Newton, and follows the AP History Guy's attempts to force-teach Mike Dame AP World History lessons.

Plot SummaryEdit

The film starts with Mike Dame walking through the halls of his school preparing to go to a small rock show he is putting on in the school auditorium. He is unknowingly being pursued the AP History Guy, whose intentions are unknown. The AP History Guy ambushes Mike, knocks him unconcious, and locks him in a locker. A couple hours later, the AP History Guy unlocks Mike from the locker and begins force-teaching him AP World History, saying that he is preparing him for the difficult class.


Eric waiting at the Mike Dame concert

Meanwhile, at the concert Mike is supposed to be headlining, the only person who showed up was Eric/Creepy Guy. Eric, who is Mike's biggest fan, hears that the concert has been cancelled due to the disappearence of Mike Dame. Horrified, Eric runs off in search of his idol.

Eric eventually finds Mike in the hallways of the school, still being force taught history by The AP History Guy. Eric charges at The AP History Guy with the Mike Dame Sign, but proves no match to the AP History Guy, who beats him up. Mike escapes during the fight, and runs away from the school. The film ends with Eric waking up after the fight, with the AP History Guy preparing to teach Eric history.

Cast and ProductionEdit

Mike Dame.......... Mike Dame

Greg Klusacek.......... AP History Guy

Eric Newton.......... Eric/Creepy Guy

Jacob McAuliffe.......... Voice on Intercom

The film was created as a result of an AP World History assignment given to director Jacob McAuliffe to make a film about how to be a good AP history student. Filming took place June of 2009, and was completed in a single day.

Trivia: Brian Walker is listed as a co-director of this film. In reality, he had nothing to do with it, this was just put in as a joke as Brian was Jacob's partner on the history project.

Trivia: The movie only recieved an 85 for a grade.

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