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Eric the Creepy Guy in AP: Ultimatum

Eric (known mainly as the Creepy Guy throughout the series) is a major character in the AP History series, played by Eric Newton. He is an obsessive fan of Mike Dame, his love for Mike causing him to have a run-in with the AP History Guy, resulting in him getting captured and turned into a History Zombie. He is played by Eric Newton. It should be noted that Eric also wears an authentic Mike Dame Tee Shirt, that he never takes off, and owns the Mike Dame Sign.

It was eventually revealed that Eric was the mastermind behind everything that happened in the series, having secretly created the Educational Protocol.

Fictional Character BiographyEdit

Eric was a seemingly regular student that was obsessed with Mike Dame. He loved him "for a very long time" - in AP: Origins, Eric is briefly seen chasing after him.

Eric/Creepy Guy

In How to be a Good AP History Student, Eric is introduced waiting at a concert for Mike Dame, being the only person who showed up. However, Mike himself disappears (on account of being kidnapped by the AP History Guy), and doesn't come to the show, resulting in it being cancelled. Mortified, Eric runs in search of Mike Dame, eventually finding him in the school hallways being force-taught AP History by the AP History Guy. Eric attempts to save Mike by attacking the AP History Guy, but is quickly beaten by the man himself. During the scuffle, Mike runs away and escapes (meaning Eric inadvertently did save Mike). Afterwards, the AP History Guy promises Eric that he will teach him AP History.

In How to be a Good AP History Student 2, it is revealed that the AP History Guy has been relentlessly force-teaching Eric history, causing him to become a brainwashed History Zombie. The AP History Guy brings Eric out while trying to force-teach Mike Dame US History, and orders him to start beating Mike up. Mindlessly obeying orders, Eric begins violently slapping Mike, knocking him to the ground. Thinking fast, Mike begins singing a song that he wrote, which has such an effect on Eric that it causes him to snap out of his zombified trance and forget all the history the AP History Guy taught him. After the AP History Guy chases Mike into the school newsroom, Eric bursts in with a grenade and blows the entire room up, killing himself and (seemingly) killing the AP History Guy.

Eric zombie

Eric as a History Zombie

Eric appeared in a vision Mike Dame has in How to be a Good AP History Student 3, in which Mike Dame thinks he has died and gone to heaven. He meets Eric, who gives him a hero's greeting and tells him that the AP History Guy cannot be destroyed by physical means; only by destroying his heart may the monster be slain. He also tries to land a kiss on Mike, much to Mike's horror. They also have their picture taken by God, played by Jacob McAuliffe.

Eric reappeared in the year 2013 as a result of Mike's 2014 time travel hijinks. Keeping his resurgence a secret, Eric remained hidden. In AP: Apocalypse, Tom is warded off from chasing Mike by a mysterious shriek heard in the forest - the shriek made by Eric, protecting Mike. Later after the start of the AP Regime, Eric secretly began stealing HSX from Tom, ingesting the pills to increase his strength.

In AP: Ultimatum, the Mike Dame Posse decides to resurrect Eric using stolen Project History time travel technology, in order to give them another hand in the fight against the AP Regime. Traveling back to the moment of Eric's death in 2009, Mike saved Eric but accidentally sent him eight months too far ahead, reuniting with him in the present. Enamored to be back with Mike, Eric joined the Posse at the battle at the Hall of Springs, helping destroy the zombie army. After the fall of the AP Regime, the AP History Guy announced his intention to take over the world, only for Eric to challenge him. The two began to fight yet again, but this time Eric managed to defeat him, learning from his previous battles how to fight him (and using the HSX he secretly ingested). Defeating him, Eric stood by as Mike convinced the AP History Guy to become Greg once more.

Afterwards, Mike and Greg hacked into the President AI in an attempt to discover the truth behind the Educational Protocol, only to inadvertently learn that the AI was created by Eric. The facade opened, Eric admitted to creating the Educational Protocol, being the mastermind behind everything that happened since 2004. Eric created the Educational Protocol as a means of manufacturing threats that could put Mike Dame's life in danger, their nature as being AP History-related allowing them to naturally make their way to AP History student Mike Dame. Eric then saw to it that he would save Mike from all these dangers, as part of a scheme to make Mike appreciate and eventually love him.

Despite all his planning, Mike still refuses to love Eric, inciting Eric's fury. Physically powerless to stop the HSX-powered Eric, Mike yells at him that he will never love him, the trauma causing Eric to begin exploding ala the AP History Guy exploding in the third film. Struggling to contain the explosion, Eric declares he created history, and is in fact the true AP History Guy - only for Greg to grab him in a stranglehold and force him down until he exploded.

On the verge of death, Eric called his funder Proveloney Estaction on his cell phone to inform him their plan failed, then passed away.


Eric is a fanatical fan of Mike Dame, easily crossing over into obsession territory. This is much to the dismay of Mike himself, who finds Eric annoying and weird. He does, however, appreceate the several times Eric has inadvertently saved his life. Eric is always seen wearing the Mike Dame T-Shirt, and is usually seen carrying the Mike Dame sign.

He is known as "Creepy Guy" throughout most of the series, suggesting most characters don't know his name; however, in AP2, Mike refers to him at one point as Eric.

It's revealed in the final film that most of Eric's personality is a facade, and he is in fact a maniacal genius directly and indirectly responsible for everything bad that happened in the series - all done out of his desire to get Mike Dame to love him. When he was done playing the fool, it became apparent his true personality was ruthless and angry.

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