The AP History Guy, as seen in How to be a Good AP History Student 3

The AP History Guy (real name Greg Klusacek, also known as Subject #3) is a major character and often antagonist in the AP History series, a teen with vast knowledge of AP History intent on teaching it to everyone, whether they like it or not. He is played by Greg Klusacek in all the films.

Fictional Character BiographyEdit

The AP History Guy was originally a Ballston Spa High School student named Greg Klusacek, as seen in AP: Origins. In 2007, Greg was enlisted by Agent H into the secret government program "Project History," in an attempt to turn him into the ultimate AP History Student. Greg was given a special mind-enhancing formula called HSX, which made him a genius in AP History. After the government tried to lock him up, Greg went on the run, going into hiding. The government pursued him for a year, causing Greg to snap and declare himself the AP History Guy, vowing to force-teach every person in the world AP History as revenge for his life being destroyed. The AP History Guy faked his death in a missile strike deployed by the government and secretly relocated to Ballston Spa High School to begin his plan.


The AP History Guy

In How to be a Good AP History Student, the AP History Guy kidnaped Mike Dame and attempted to force-teach him AP World History as a "test run" for his master plan, only to be interrupted by Eric/Creepy Guy. Eric tried to save Mike Dame, but was beaten up and knocked unconscious by the AP History Guy, enabling Mike to escape in the confusion. Afterwards, when Eric woke up, the AP History Guy promised to force-teach him AP History.

A year later, in How to be a Good AP History Student 2, the AP History Guy returned and re-kidnaped Mike Dame. This time however, he wished to force-teach Mike AP US History, as he was now a sophmore. It was also revealed that the AP History Guy spent the past year force-teaching Eric AP World History, causing him to turn into a brainwashed History Zombie. The AP History Guy orders Eric to attack Mike, but Mike sung a song he wrote himself to Eric, causing Eric to turn back to normal (Eric is a big Mike Dame fan). Eric attacked the AP History Guy, letting Mike escape. The AP History Guy gave chase and eventually cornered him in the school newsroom. On the verge of teaching Mike more history, Eric burst into the room with a grenade, pulled the pin and hugged the AP History Guy while holding the grenade, causing the two to explod, seemingly killing the AP History Guy.

Greg 1

The AP History Guy in AP Origins

The AP History Guy returned in How to be a Good AP History Student 3, his genetically altered make-up allowing him to survive the explosion from the second film. This time however, instead of kidnapping Mike Dame, he spent two years systematically kidnapping the entire AP History student population and transformed them all into History Zombies. By 2011, every AP student in the school had been transformed except for Mike and another student named Ethan, whom the AP History Guy made his top priority to kidnap. Eventually, Mike learns that the only way to destroy the AP History Guy is by "destroying his heart," as physical means cannot destroy him. Mike convinces the AP History Guy during the film's climatic showdown that he is really the worst AP History

teacher ever, merely forcing students to mindlessly memorize things while not teaching them anything. The resulting trauma of this revelation causes the AP History Guy to explode in a mini-nuclear explosion, finally killing him.

After his explosion, radioactive pieces of the AP History Guy spread across Ballston Spa, creating a cloud that blocked out the sun and infecting half the population of Ballston Spa, transforming them into radioactive history zombies, causing the zombie apocalypse. While this happened, Project History secretly gathered the remains of the AP History Guy left at the site of the school and combined the pieces with the majority of their HSX reserves, bringing the AP History Guy back to life. The process was so traumatic that the AP History Guy developed amnesia. After Project History collapsed, Tom kidnapped the AP History Guy and locked him in his basement with the imprisoned Second AP History Guy. At the end of AP: Apocalypse, Mike discovered leaked online files revealing the AP History Guy was still alive.

Greg Battle Ravaged

The AP History Guy, battling the Second AP History Guy in AP: Ultimatum

In AP: Ultimatum, Mike broke into Tom's house and rescued the amnesiac AP History Guy, who had regressed into a cowardly shell of himself and forgot he was ever the AP History Guy. The Mike Dame Posse attempted to bring back his memory to no avail, and the group was ultimately captured by the brainwashed Ethan and sentenced for execution. When the AP History Guy tried to escape, Ethan hit him in the head, causing him to get his memory back and break the Posse free. Together, the AP History Guy and the Posse created a plan to invade the Hall of Springs and defeat the Second AP History Guy. Breaking into the Project History warehouse, the AP History Guy stole a time travel device which Mike used to stop Eric from dying in the past. At the Hall of Springs, the AP History Guy confronted the AP-powered Second AP History Guy, and the two battled. Despite his inferior strength, the AP History Guy managed to defeat the Second AP History Guy, convincing him to overpower himself on HSX.

After the battle, the AP History Guy declared his intentions to take over the world. It was only Eric, after fighting and defeating him, that he was stopped. Afterwards, Mike convinced the AP History Guy that it was time to give up being the AP History Guy, and move on from the traumatic events that caused him to turn evil. This, combined with finding the corpse of his high school best friend Pat, caused him to give up being the AP History Guy. Afterwards, Greg was present when Eric revealed he was the mastermind behind the Educational Protocol, unable to defeat him due to Eric's enhanced AP powers. When Mike caused Eric - now declaring himself the true AP History Guy - to begin exploding, Greg grabbed Eric in a stranglehold to prevent him from killing Mike, stating "Then I destroyed the AP History Guy." Eric exploded, and Greg appeared to die in the explosion, a body never being found.

But miraculously, Greg survived the explosion, secretly getting a job teaching AP History at Ballston Spa High School. Twenty years later, he ambushed Mike Dame Junior in the hall, happily declaring his intention to force-teach him AP History.

Personality/Other InfoEdit

The AP History Guy is a very menacing, yet surprisingly mellow guy. He intimidates anyone near him without having to try (often intimidating them unintentionally).

He seems to be impervious to many physical attacks, including surviving two direct explosions from grenades, getting hit by cars, and even a missile strike. This is a result of genetic alterations caused by the HSX treatment he received. The only known way to destroy the AP History Guy is by "destroying his heart" - ie, breaking his morale.

His anger ultimately stemmed from the trauma inflicted on him by Project History and by extent the Educational Protocol, holding onto his identity as the AP History Guy as retribution for all his pain. But after six years of misery as the AP History Guy, he learned to let go of his anger, and became Greg once more.

Trivia: In Episode 5 of the webseries Guns for Hire, the AP History Guy has a file in the Agency's "Wanted" list.

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